Our administration building is completed

Great news came to us this week from our project manager Ken in Nakuru. The construction work on the new administration building has been completed and the rooms have been set up. Offices for our employees, treatment rooms for the doctor and dentist and a large, bright library were set up. We are very thankful  to “The Myhrvold & Havranek Family Charitable Fund” for the generous donation with which the entire building was financed.

In addition to the building, a large underground water reservoir for collecting rainwater and an above-ground water tank were also built.

The entrance area with office space on the left and library on the right

In the large and bright library, our students can browse through books or study for lessons

A treatment room for our doctor’s office

The rear view of the administration building shows the treatment room as well as the toilets and water tank to the left



Hunter donates masks to school project

Hunter is now supporting the “Living and Learning in Kenya” project with masks

At Hunter, mouth and nose masks are manufactured in the in-house factory (petonline reported), currently up to 15,000 pieces per week.Now the company is also supporting the aid project “Life & Learning in Kenya” and the school or the almost 500 students and their teachers with the textile masks.

Hunter has supported the sponsored children Emmanuel and Precious for many years. In addition to these sponsorships, the company also financially participates in the construction and expansion of the school and classrooms as well as in the new building of the dining hall, which is also used as a multi-purpose hall.

Corona Emergency Relief

Dear sponsors, friends and supporters of “Living and Learning in Kenya Int’l.”

We hope that you are in good health and that you are making the best of the current situation wherever you are.
These are not good times for all of us. But it is far worse for our children and their families in Kenya.

The schools have been closed for some time. The children and their families have to stay in their narrow huts in the slums.
The parents, mostly day laborers, are no longer able to earn any money. No money = no food.


Through our project manager Ken and his team on the ground, we have the possibility to help the families in their difficult situation by providing our financial aid.

BUT: Only through additional (!) donations will it be possible to help all of our families equally
so that they can buy food and soap.


“Corona Emergency Relief”
Paypal – info@llk-selb.de
GlobalGiving – http//goto.gg/38394

Any amount helps and reaches 100 % for the 480 children and their families
– distributed monthly to all families until the pandemic is over!

Stay safe!
wishes the whole LLK team

P.S. Please forward to your friends and acquaintances!

Progress of the current construction

In the last two weeks, despite the public holidays, the construction continued, so that the roof of the kindergarten was completed and the installation of the windows and plastering of the interior walls began.

The floor of the administration building with library and doctor’s rooms could be concreted.