LLK provides freetime activities during the long school breaks (3-4 weeks each in April and August and 6-8 weeks in November / December) all LLK children and teens. As the public schools are closed, not only our LLK School children come to the center – we offer the school break activities all LLK children and teens. 
We offer tutoring through our teachers with the help of our older students in the morning. This is very important for our children as it gives them the chance to review what they have learned so far and preparing them for the new trimester. This way, we can also focus on the individual needs of each child – especially the slow learners. There is always porridge during the break and a nutritious lunch.
The children love the various activities in the afternoons – such as music, dancing, games, volley ball, basket ball and soccer. They also have the chance to read one of the many storybooks that can be found on the classroom shelves.