Our feeding program is an integral part of our school project

Nearly all of our school children come from families who live in extremely desolate conditions. Their parents often cannot find the money for a meal a day for their children.
That’s why our children receive at least one healthy meal every day – 6 days a week Our little ones in our Kindergarten and the LLK Elementary School receive a small breakfast in addition to their warm lunch.
Lunch is freshly prepared by 6 groups of LLK mothers, who take turns cooking on a weekly basis. Now they are happily cooking in our new kitchen under the guidence of our staff member,
Grace Ong’ele (Kitchen and Nutrition Management) The mothers volunteer their time and energy as a contribution towards their children’s education. Community work is very important to all involved.


We have been leasing a plot of land to grow maize, beans and vegetables for our feeding program since April 2014 This way we needn’t buy beans and maize flour for ugali (a form of white polenta and a staple food in Kenya) and vegetables during harvest time.

Our LLK parents as well as many of the youths are proud to participate in the planting, weeding and harvesting as their way of being a part of the LLK community. The youths also learn to become responsible and caring individuals with a bit of hard work and and community feeling.