Our children’s health is very important to us.
We pay all medical and dental care costs, including emergency medical aid and medication when necessary.

For this reason, we work in colaboration with various clinics and health agencies whose well-trained doctors treat our children in case of illness.

Annual check-ups

We regularly organize so-called health camps where all LLK children are medically examined and dewormed.

We colaborate with the Nakuru General Hospital.
Health problems that are not serious are treated immediately, with more complicated illnesses the children are transferred to hospital. All costs are covered by LLK.


Measles Vaccinations

In 2015 there was a measles epidemic in Nakuru. For this reason we contacted the stately health services asking them to vaccinate all the LLK children. We are very grateful to the Ministry of Health in Nakuru for their willingness to send doctors and nurses to the LLK Education Center to vaccinate all of the children and for giving them all vitamin tablets – free of charge. 


Lectures on Ebola and AIDS

In 2014, the dangerous Ebola virus spread in Africa. More than 11,000 people died.

The topic of AIDS is still omnipresent on the African continent. People are dying every day and there is hardly a family in Kenya that has not been touched by AIDS in some way.

On both topics, we decided to educate our children and their parents about the dangers of virus infections

Physicians held lectures on both topics at the LLK Education Center. They explained to those present, which symptoms to look out for to recognize an infection and the necessary precautiong when caring for and dealing with the inflicted. In addition, there was information about the precautionary and protective measures that must be taken seriously in Kenya.

Workshop on proper dental care
During the past two annual visits Nakuru a dental hygienest and other visitors taught the children how to use a toothbrush correctly and why brushing on a daily bais is so important.

During the workshops toothbrushes and toothpaste and cups were distributed to the children in the project and cups for each child at the LLK School with their names written on the cups and toothbrushes.

Every day after lunch the children will brush their teeth under the guidance of their teachers.

The children learned how to brush their teeth thoroughly in a fun and playful way.

Workshops on hygiene and family planning
In many uneducated families it is not obvious how important hygiene in the home environment really is. Lack of sufficent sanitation and clean, fresh water make it difficult keep their homes properly clean.

Contraception and family planning are very important topics during our workshops. These workshops are held regularly for teens and adults. They are either held by the Ministry of Health officers or by our own social workers. Our social workers are also always available as discrete and trusted contact people.