Keeping young people busy on school-free days and also to keep them off the streets and away from bad influences, we have organized two youth clubs for – one for girls and one for boys.
Teenagers from the age of 13 have the opportunity to take part in various recreational activities, such as soccerl, volleyball, basket ball, debating on the debating team, choir, dancing or working on the school’s own small farm.
These activities promote the community feeling for the LLK Kids and offer them meaningful recreation. It also leaves room for them to talk to each other or with a social worker privately about issues important to them. The social workers lead these two clubs. They meet at the LLK Education Center every Saturday.
For example, the youth clubs in the past have helped us with planting, weeding and harvesting – along with parents – on our farm, which in turn helps LLK to save money on food costs. It’s a kind of “paying it forward” that is rewarding for everyone.

Boys from the youth club working on a corn field

Girls from the youth club practicing a traditional Kenyan dance