Live and Learn in Kenya – far away from Nakuru – works hard to help the people there in Kenya – especially the children through many different activities.
…and they always have the same goal: to find new sponsors for children living in the Ronda/Barut slums and to raise funds to finance our projects in Nakuru.

We are constantly striving to provide an interesting, engaging setting for each of our fundraising events – trying to offer our guests, despite modest means, something enjoyable to remember and remind them of our needs in the future. In addition to many informational events, LLK is represented at every town fair in Selb, Germany, the worldwide known “Porcelain Festival, holiday markets and we have also organized several photo exhibitions and charity concerts.

All proceeds from our events, as well as all other donations to us, go 100% to the LLK projects in Kenya. All musicians and artists perform on a volunteer basis. Churches and the City of Selb support us by not accepting rental fees – either because they want to help alleviate misery, or because we are also enriching the community with a taste of culture– ususally African culture – with our activities and events.