“Clean your plate. Think of all the poor, starving children in Africa. They would do anything to have food like yours.”
If your mother was like mine, you heard that saying regularly. Every time I heard it I answered, “OK, send it to them then!”
(Brique Zeiner)

And that’s exactly what we are doing today – and you can do it, too. We call it “Feed a Smile”. Because; shared joy is double joy and shared suffering is half suffering – and that’s what making a child smile is all about!

Our organization’s poverty-stricken children receive a warm meal at the Live and Learn in Kenya Education Center every school day or at their respective schools. It is no easy task to provide up to 530 children with a warm and nutritious meal 6 days a week. So we came up with the bright idea that has literally made history.

How many times have you wondered what the perfect gift would be for a person who already has everything? Or maybe as a feel good present for yourself? We have the solution. Celebrate a birthday / anniversary / holiday / just for the smile of it – whatever you like – up to 530 children – without having to wash up afterwards!

140 US$ are needed to prepare a healthy vegetable stew for all of the LLK children. Any amount above that allows for more; for example: meat, bread, sweets, cookies, drinks and / or more expensive vegetables (such as potatoes). Of course, even smaller amounts are welcome. For each 60 US$ the children will receive a piece of fruit or a glass of milk.
The children not only celebrate the person in question, they also honor them in their prayers. During the meal photos are taken with the children and sent directly to the donor’s email address along with a personalized board greeting. On request, the celebration can also take place in advance, so that the congratulations and photos arrive in time for the special day.

You can also celebrate your sponsored child’s birthday this way.

It’s a good, warm feeling when you know that right at that moment hundreds of hungry mouths are smiling because of you!