The following pictures document the progress of the building activities at our school center:.

In 2014, the parents of the project children cleared the area acquired by LLK (about 100 m x 100 m in size). A few weeks later, the construction of the first three classrooms began. In each of the following 3 years another classroom could be added. At the end of 2017, the construction of classroom no. 7 and the first part of the office / teacher’s room started. In March 2018, the rooms were completed and the construction of the last classroom and the second part of the office / teachers’ room started.
In May 2018, the construction of the primary school was completed with 8 classrooms, office and staff rooms.
In 2017, the new kitchen building was completed.
Parallel to the school construction, the cowshed for the three sponsored cows was finished and a stone wall was built around two sides of the property.
In June 2018, the groundbreaking ceremony took place for the construction of the dining hall (which should also serve as a multi-purpose hall) and its connection to the kitchen. The construction was completed in March 2019.
Thanks to very generous donations In November 2019, the construction of the kindergarten with a groundbreaking ceremony began. Through another very generous donation in December 2019 the construction of our library, administration offices for the LLK project manager and social workers, and the medical and dental clinic , began. Both buildings were then completed in spring 2020.
The construction of the training center started in November 2020. The first classroom for the seamstresses was completed after about half a year of construction. In February 2022, further donations were available so that we could start building the computer room. Thanks to further generous donations, this room, fully equipped with PCs, could be put into operation in March 2023.