photo: founding members of LLK Intl, 16.09.2007

Live and Learn in Kenya International was founded on 16 September 2007 in Selb during the annual general meeting as a subsidiary of LLK e. V. We have taken the necessary steps of establishing a charitable non-profit and non-government organization in Kenya in order to safeguard our project and our investments within the framework of the Kenyan laws for NGOs. The board is composed of German residents and Kenyan members. The LLK chairperson is also the chairperson of LLK Int’l. 

The LLK Intl staff in Nakuru
left to right: Ken Branda (Project Manager), Nicholas Sillingi (Social Worker), Daniel Lekishoromongi (Security), Rebecca Tsuma (Assistant), Mary Otieno (Social Worker), Grace Ong’ele (Kitchen and Nutrition Management)