Our program children are, for the most part, very grateful for the chance to receive a good education through us and are accordingly motivated work hard to achieve good academic results.

Supported by our well-trained teachers, some of these young people have achieved outstanding academic performance and were highly ranked in nationwide comparisons.

That is why we have begun promoting gifted pupils so they can attend high school and then a university.
Many of our youths have gone on to study at various universities in Kenya. Computer Science, Mathematics, Chemistry, Education, Geography, Geology or Biomedicine are some of the majors that our students are studying.

In 2015 our first students successfully completed their studies. Both Martin Odhiambo and Judy Chepkoech graduated with honors and are now high school teachers. Martin teaches Mathematics and Chemistry and Judy teaches Geography and Geology.

A group of our university students during a workshop at the LLK Education Center