Currently, a total of 566 children and adolescents are on the Live and Learn in Kenya Int’l program. 210 children attend our own primary school with seven grades and 90 children our kindergarten with three classes. The remaining children and adolescents attend various state elementary and high school schools or universities or are in vocational training. Every year in November we take on 30 new children, for whom the first kindergarten year begins in January when the Kenyan school year begins.

The children on the LLK program receive a school uniform once a year. School uniforms are mandatory in all schools in Kenya. Nearly all school uniforms are sewn at our own tailor shop at the LLK Education Center. They are sewn by the young women who have gone through vocational training as seamstresses through LLK. They work on a volunteer basis.

Close cooperation with the LLK parents is very important to us. As far as they are able to do so, they help us to prepare the children’s daily meals and work on our small vegetable farm. Parents and guardians are very important in the LLK community and their work and wishes are taken very seriously. There are parents’ meetings three to four times a year to keep them informed of our news and progress and to give them the opportunity to share their wishes and idea regarding the progress of our project.