Live and Learn in Kenya in Second Life

If you’ve never heard of it, you may wonder what Second Life is all about. The shortest explanation is that it is a virtual platform where people from all over the world can communicate with each other. More information about Second Life can be found at Wikipedia
or on the official Second Life website:

Live and Learn in Kenya Int’l has also been a part of the online Second Life Charity community „Nonprofit Commons“ since January 2010. The board members of Nonprofit Commons scrutinizes all organizations in order to be certain that they are legally registered non-profit charitable organizations and not computer scams before vetting them.  LLK operates from a virtual office where people can come and find out about our work in Kenya. If an LLK member is online, you can have a conversation with him or her. There are real people behind the so-called avatars, so that real conversations can be held. The communication is either typed  (chat), or is transmitted by voice using a microphone.

Several of our LLK children in Kenya are being sponsored through contacts in Second Life and many thousands of meals have been funded – and thousands of dollars have been donated towards our constructions at the Live and Learn in Kenya Education center through generous Second Life “residents”.

When logging into Second Life, type either “Brique Topaz”, “LLK”, or “Feed a Smile” in the search box.

LLK is also a member of the world-famous organization „tech soup“, which is also represented in Second Life.

In order to join Second Life, it is necessary to install a „viewer“ (SL viewer, Firestorm, etc.) and to register an account. It only takes a moment to join and is absolutely free of charge.
Download SL-Viewer:
Download Firestorm Viewer: