Video: Markus K. & the LLK-Kids
song “Feed A Smile” (composed by Markus K.) 
recorded in the LLK-Center on 14.11.2023

Video: project manager Ken Branda gives a tour through the LLK-Center in Nakuru (March 2023)

Video: LLK during the Covid 19 pandemy
What is the situation with the Covid-19 in Nakuru, Kenya – at the Live and Learn in Kenya Education Center? The question was asked and our project manager, Kenneth Branda answers in this short video.
Author: Dennis Rasto | August 20, 2020

Video: LLK-kids singing with Tivo Beunk, Carla Vd Steen and sponsors during the visit in November 2019

Video: official opening of the dining hall, graduation ceremony of the kindergarten kids, kindergarten groundbreaking ceremony, visit in Nakuru 2019
Author: Dennis Rasto | November 2019

Video: LLK-children, -school, -dining hall, -kitchen and many more. Recent status and call for donations to start the construction of the kindergarten.
Author: Quest Kiby Vickie | August 2019

Video: LLK-Kids performing the Song “The Test”
Author: Dennis Rasto | November 2018 | taken at the LLK-Center | “The Test” composed by Shannon McMahon Bruchal

Video of the Kenyan TV station “Kameme TV”
Author: Kameme TV | November 2018 | taken at the LLK-Center | language: Kikuyu and Englisch

Video taken in the LLK-Center, Nakuru
Author: Quest Kiby Vickie | October/November 2018 | while sponsors visiting the Center

Video “Kids are having a good time with their sponsors”
Author: Carla Vd Steen Selier | October 2018 | visit in Nakuru | taken at the LLK school center

Video “A schoolday in the LLK-Center and micro credits”
Author: Dirk Klemesch | May 2018 | taken at the LLK school center and the suburbs in Nakuru

Video “Friday = African Culture Day”
Author: Dennis Rasto | March 2018 | taken at the LLK school center

Video LLK in Kenya National TV

Video “Peter’s Day”
Author: Victor Wood | Nakuru, Kenia, January 2015 | a day in the life of the first grader Peter

official opening celebration of our school
after completion of the first two classrooms in January 3, 2015

“It’s up to you” – Musik-Videoclip
Paul Zeiner, Live-performance in the Rosenthal Theater, Selb, January 2015

The Drax Files – Episode 16
Draxtor Despres | Interview with Brique about “Feed a Smile” in Second Life, 2014

Song by Twostep Spiritweaver | Cover-Version from the LLK-Kids, 2012