Live and Learn in Kenya NGO (LLK) is based in Selb, Germany. Live and Learn in Kenya International NGO is its “daughter” organization in Kenya and is a registered non-profit, charity organization in Germany and in Kenya.

Desolation, hunger and thirst, poverty beyond comprehension, illiteracy, AIDS, child prostitution, child brides – this is what rules the lives of the people – especially the children – living within the Ronda/Barut Slums of Nakuru, Kenya. Live and Learn in Kenya is changing this – day for day – child for child.

What does “Live and Learn in Kenya” do? LLK is a charitable aid organization based in Germany with the aim of getting the children of the Ronda/Barut slums out of poverty and permanently changing their living conditions and their future.

LLK seeks sponsors to ensure the education of needy children. This includes everything the children need to go to school – daily lunches, uniforms, shoes, textbooks and materials such as pencils, exercise books, etc.

LLK is building its own school center in Nakuru – with an 8-level primary school, a 2-level kindergarten and a vocational training tract. For more information, see our school construction page.

LLK ensures the medical and dental care of children – including vaccinations and preventive care.

Our nutrition program is a huge success. With our “Feed a Smile” project, we finance a daily warm lunch 6 days a week for nearly 500 children.

100% of all donations are used for these disadvantaged children, for their education, medical/dental needs, meals, extracurricular activities and foster care when necessary. Live and Learn in Kenya’s work force are unpaid volunteers. Only our Kenyan employees in Nakuru earn a locally acceptable salary, which LLK pays for.

German charity number: 223 / 109 / 70321 K01 / MD
tax number, IRS Hof: 223/ 108 / 30791
Kenyan NGO Board Certificate of Registration Number: OP.218 / 051 / 2007 / 0442 / 5026

Our donation account:

Leben und Lernen in Kenia e.V.
Sparkasse  Hochfranken
IBAN: DE43780500000200072114

Citizens within the European Union can use the
following code to transfer funds free of charge:
IBAN: DE43780500000200072114