Teaching staff at our school (January 2018)
(left to right) front row: Martha Wangui (class 3), Harriet Nerima (class 1), Anne Nyongesa (middle class), Pauline Rotich (top class),
back row: Phylis Kuloba (class 2), Robert Keiyo (class 4), Mustafa Osundwa (class 5), Edgar Onyango (class 4), Alfred Wanalo (class 5)

Our teachers are not only excellent, state-approved professionals, but also idealists who care deeply about the well-being of disadvantaged children. Some of them themselves come from the slums and had been supported as children. Two of our outstanding teachers were supported and trained through Live and Learn in Kenya from elementary school through college. They know best why good education is so important.
Our teachers receive the salary stipulated by the state for their duties. These salaries are paid out of the sponsorship contributions.
Our school construction is growing one classroom per year, and the number of our teachers is growing accordingly.