With only 30 US$ a month you can change a life!

Experience how your sponsored child grows up – how to happy he / she is to learn because “your child” knows that you are by her side. Read letters and report cards and see how he / she develops into an independent individual with a good chance to escape the misery of the slums..

By sponsoring, you secure the education of one of our LLK children.

At the end of the sponsorship the child has a completed education and has learned a trade or profession. He or she is then able to shape their own life independently, earns their own money and has a good future perspective to be all that they can be.

Sponsorship only costs 30 US$ per month (360 US$ per year). It provides your sponsored child with everything needed for his / her education: school uniforms and fees, learning materials, a warm meal every school day, clean drinking water. Should a doctor or hospital visit be necessary, we will take care of the costs, but let you know.

Once a year you will receive a report about your sponsored child where you can read about academic achievements and you will receive a photo with a personal message from your sponsored child.

You are welcome to write letters to your child or to send small presents in the letter. Your child will be very happy about it, but it isn’t necessary. Gifts for the child can be bought by our staff in Nakuru if you like

Once a year we offer you the opportunity to accompany other sponsors with our chairwoman and other members on their annual visit to Nakuru at your own expense. You can meet your sponsored child and his or her family in person – it would be an unforgettable experience for you! LLK’s sponsored children aren’t just numbers on a list – they are real people who are really happy and proud to be your sponsored child!

Support us and accompany one of our children into a self-determined and independent future!