Start Into the New School Year

The new school year began on January 2nd. Our school now has a total of 240 pupils. 30 children are registered into our newly formed day care class of 3 to 4-year old children will be beginning school at the end of February when the new classroom is completed. 30 children are attending kindergarten and another 30 children are attending preschool. 150 pupils are in grades 1 through 5. Each class is comprised of 15 boys and 15 girls so that there is a total of 120 boy and 120 girls registered at the Live and Learn in Kenya Elementary School. The day was especially exciting for the 30 children, who joined our project in November 2017. It was their first day at our kindergarten. The photo shows them proudly wearing their new school uniforms that they received that day.

They weren’t the only ones excited about their first day of school. Our former principal, Linda Wanyonyi, left Nakuru to follow her husband to another part of Kenya. Mustafa Osundwa was greeted as the new principal of the school. The young and dynamic teacher has teaching experience in both public and private schools. He served as the assistant pricipal of Eldoret Education Centre. One of his main objectives is to work in a challenging environment with a team of inovated teachers and pupils.

Christmas Presents for our families

Our annual tradition of giving all of the children and their families Christmas presents is well-loved and anticipated by everyone involved. Last Friday was the happy day when all of the families came to the Center and received a huge food package with flour, rice, cabbages and a live chicken. The families are now ablt to prepare their own, very special, Christmas meal. Over 400 children and youths received a big, warm blanket for the cold Nakuru nights. Everybody was elated, as you can see in a short video at On their way home the parents were still singing and dancing through the streets.

LLK at Christmas market Selb

The Christmas market season started in Selb on the first Advent weekend this past Friday.  We participated in the traditional charity Christmas bazar with a raffle today. Every raffle ticket won a prize – stuffed animals, wine glasses, high-end porcelain items, necklaces made in Kenya, toys and many more fabulous prizes were up for grabs. Two very excited little boys – Jonas and Max – were the happy winners of a main prize – a huge Teddy Bear – found his way into their playroom! We will be offering more activities at the Christmas market. Please see our event calendar for more information.