In order to realize our goal – to build an entire school center in the Ronda / Barut slums of Nakuru – we need YOU!

Please help us with a donation:
With even a small donation of 24 US$ you can finance a chair, with 155 US$ a large window, with 323 US$ a door. 
The construction of more classrooms is no problem at all at our school center and much faster to implement than in Europe or the US, provided that it can be paid for. 

For example, in 2017, thanks to a very generous donation and the energetic help of our children’s parents, we were able to build another classroom in just three months and expand the school for another grade.


November 2019: school, kitchen and dining hall – are now completed – thanks to your donations. From now on our main focus is on the construction of the kindergarden, which we will be starting still in this month. Please, keep donating!

You can see the completed buildings marked in red on our master plan from November 2019 (click on the plan to enlarge the image).

High quality materials are used for school furniture which are made directly in Nakuru, Kenya. With this durable furniture, we focus on sustainability and support the regional economy.
Each donor is mentioned by name with a plaque on the donated furnishings.

Item Description Price Photo
Small Window
85 cm x 70 cm, Wood 69,00 US$
Large Window
85 cm x 155 cm, Wood 135,00 US$
Outside Door 90 cm x 240 cm, Hardwood 323,00 US$
Desk Wood 47,00 US$
Chair   24,00 US$
Chalkboard and Pinboard
  470,00 US$
Cupboard and Shelves
  704,00 US$
Wooden Wall Guards
  140,00 US$
Teacher’s Desk and Chair
  117,00 US$