Together with the children’s parents as a community, we have been building a school center on the outskirts of the Ronda / Barut slums in Nakuru since 2014.

We started with the construction of the elementary school as our top priority. Thanks to generous friends of the organization and the many, many donors, a total of eight classrooms could be completed and occupied in 2018. But there is still a long way to go before we are finished with our various constructions. We still need plenty of support. More pictures here.

In January 2017 our school kitchen, which until then had been housed in a wooden hut with a corrugated sheet roof, was completely destroyed by a violent storm. We decided that it was necessary to build a solidly-built school kitchen immediately – and the dining hall at a later time. Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of our donors, we were able to build a beautiful, solid school kitchen by autumn 2017, which was ceremoniously dedicated during the 2017 annual visit by our chairwoman and many members of the organization.

The construction of the Dining Hall began in July 2018. The financing and thus the completion of the building depends on the incoming donations.